Something Beautiful for the Sunset #1

A performance aboard Deadhead by the Git Hayetsk Dancers at sundown July 17. Performers: Mike Dangeli, Mique’l Dangeli, Nick Dangeli, Eddy Benson, Duane Stewart, Zachary Tait             Led in partnership by Mike and Mique’l Dangeli, the Git Hayetsk are an internationally renowned West Coast First Nations mask-dancing group based in


Tidal Predictions: Narvaez Bay

On the afternoon of July 17th Other Sights was honoured to host two performances of “Narvaez Bay: Tidal Predictions” a conceptual work by Mark 
Timmings, co-composed with Stephen Morris, performed by the Vancouver Chamber Choir under the direction of Jon Washburn aboard Deadhead. See Tidal Predictions: Narvaez Bay for more information about the piece.