Other Sights would like to acknowledge all those have contributed to making DEADHEAD possible.
Your contributions are invaluable!

Creative Team
Cedric Bomford
Jim Bomford
Nathan Bomford

Work Crew
Aaron Carter
Mark Dudiak
Nicole Flynn
Mike Love
Philip Nee Nee
David Peters
Laura Piasta
Katherine Witts

Creative Team Project Support
Verena Kaminiarz

Barbara Cole (all phases)
Helga Pakasaar (Co-Curator: research + production phases)

Curatorial Assistants and Researchers
Felicia Gail
Jonah Gray
Erik Hood
Vanessa Kwan
Joseph Strohan
Jen Weih
Elisa Yon

Marko Simcic, Artist/Architect
Dan Sundvick, Engineer
Innes Yates, Architect

Guest Artists, Musicians Performers and Presenters
Nick Anderson
Al Cannon
Geoffrey Carr
Brady Cranfield
Git Hayetsk Dancers
Karen Graves
Ellen Marple
Stephen Morris
Rod Navarro
Mark Timmings
Tin Can Studios
Vancouver Chamber Choir under the direction of Jon Washburn
Russell Wallace
Jen Weih
Cease Wyss

Russell Gordon
Gabriel Kirkley
Nigel Laing
Jen Weih

Colin Bentley
Lorna Brown
Hailey Cole-McElroy
Colin Griffiths
Amir Fetanat
Vanessa Kwan
Joni Low
David MacWilliam
Anand Mani
Neil McLean
Marko Simcic
Elisa Yon

Blue Water Systems Ltd.
Integral Design
Tamara Kaminiarz
Elia Kirby and Great Northern Way Scene Shop
Reece Terris

Other Kind Souls
Mehdi Armini
All the folks at Bear Crane
Steven Belanger
Anne Bomford
Chelsea Bomford
Eli Bomford
Henning Bomford
Phyllis Bomford
Ken Burton
Nicola Clur
William Cupit
Hillary Davis
Bo Donahue
Terry Donahue
Wally Eriksson
Diane Evans
Talya Fuchs
Dave Gilmore
Doug Holdgate
Trevor Isaac
Gregor Kaminiarz
Bruce and Sheila MacDonald
Jessica McKenzie
Patricia Owen
Lane Rud
Karen Seaboyer
Reid Shier
Graham Webb
Jack Wood

Great Northern Way Trust
Presentation House Gallery
Vancouver Chamber Choir
Vancouver Maritime Museum

Donated Materials
City of Vancouver: Salvaged wood from artwork installation Walk In Here You Are by Christian Kliegel in conjunction with a year-long exhibition project at the VPL plaza, curated by Cate Rimmer

Vancouver Art Gallery: Salvaged wood from artwork installation Plaza by Heather and Ivan Morison at Offsite, curated by Kathleen Ritter in 2010

Blue Water Systems Ltd: LaFarge steel bridge and various marine materials.