Tidal Predictions: Narvaez Bay

On the afternoon of July 17th Other Sights was honoured to host two performances of “Narvaez Bay: Tidal Predictions” a conceptual work by Mark 
Timmings, co-composed with Stephen Morris, performed by the Vancouver Chamber Choir under the direction of Jon Washburn aboard Deadhead. See Tidal Predictions: Narvaez Bay for more information about the piece.  


Listening to Tidal Dynamics

Figure 1: In this comparative chart, the tidal heights for Narvaez Bay in 2012 are shown in blue against a vertical (metric) scale. The black line represents the phases of the moon from new (low) to full (high), and the red line, the sun, its zenith rising and falling over the year. One can follow


Mark Timmings Graphics & Data

The score for “Narvaez Bay: Tidal Predictions” began as a graphic work that depicted the tide levels over the course of a year near Timmings’ home on Saturna Island. Invoking the renaissance tradition of “Augenmusik” (Eye Music), the artist produced an illustrative score, replacing traditional musical notation with iconographical elements representing sun, moon and tide.